Short hairstyles

Short hairstyles

Short hairstyles – for whom? The advantages of having short hair

Statistics say that men prefer it if a woman has long hair, certainly not all men, but the vast majority. Meanwhile, it turns out that some women look far better and feel much better with short hair. Short hairstyles actually have many advantages. Keep reading to find out what they are!

The advantages of having short hair

Short hairstyles are the definition of contemporary modernity

Short hair does not have to be boring at all. On the contrary – the owners of short hairstyles love modern, asymmetrical cuts and they know exactly what’s trendy and what isn’t. Shaved sides, patterns and crazy colours are also in that category – the escapism from the mainstream. A short hairstyle certainly allows you to stand out from the crowd. So a woman who wears a short hairstyle essentially shows that she likes modern solutions and isn’t afraid of experimenting.

Short hairstyles do not require intensive care

Holders of longer hair must carefully take care of their strands, on a daily basis – so the hair care routine for them is continuous. Long hair is exposed to easy damage, and without proper care, it tangles and splits. With short hairstyles, there is less of a problem. This is why men rarely complain about struggles with their hair. Hair washing is done quickly, drying is even faster. But above all there is no need to use up litres of expensive masks, shampoos and conditioners per month. Sometimes only hair styling can be problematic, or rather it’s a limitation, because there’s only so much one can do with short hair – but at the same time, you can try out various other styles with the use of gels, putty’s and waxes.

Who suits short hairstyles?

Short hair is usually worn by women who do not like or do not have time for time-consuming care treatments. It’s not without reason that young moms often decide to cut their hair, which crosses their everyday duties. Therefore, short hairstyles are suitable for those who cannot or do not want to waste their time by spending long hours in the bathroom.

Short hairstyles fit young women who like to appear original and modern, as they often experiment with cutting and colouring. More mature, settled down ladies who value simple and comfortable cuts also fit that image. In fact, short hair will suit anybody if it’s pulled off well. And just because someone wears short hair does not mean that they have one hairstyle. A single well made cut gives you a lot of possibilities – especially when you, or your hairdresser are creative. But the internet is also a valuable source for inspirations, allowing you to conjure up either a rough and ragged look, a polite hairstyle – or something completely off the charts.

Short hairstyles are suitable for ladies with a round face. They slim down the face, neck and entire figure. Thicker women (not to be confused with obese) often wear long hair, trying to cover their round features such as chubby cheeks or thicker neck with the hair – but this isn’t the right solution. Short hairstyles will work better here, because they give the impression of lightness. They also take away the years. A modern asymmetrical cut, combined with an interesting colour creates a unique look and a youthful charm.

It does not really matter if our hair is straight, wavy or curly. Everyone can come up with an interesting short hairstyle. A good hairdresser will also make good recommendations and provide you with invaluable advice; how often to cut it or keep it in shape.

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