Professional hair treatments

Professional hair treatments

Professional hair treatments – a comprehensive review

Nowadays, hairdressers don’t just aim to cut your hair, change their colour or arrange your hairstyle for a special occasion. Many modern hairdressing salons now offer professional advice and relevant hair treatments that (despite the still high prices), have been growing in popularity. Below you’ll be able to find a quick overview of the most frequently performed hairdressing procedures.

Professional hair treatments are supposed to improve the condition of the hair strands

Dry, brittle hair without any shine or glare will require immediate regeneration. Home hair-care is very important, but sometimes its just insufficient, and your hair will desire a special procedure that will instantly refresh them. So what should you do? Well… it’s actually best to go to a hair salon to gain a professional treatment – thanks to this, our hair will regain its usual form. Though we have to put in full trust in our hairdressers, and make sure we follow their advice.

Professional hair treatments provide an immediate effect, bear that in mind! Even if we purchase the products that are used in hair salons ourselves, and use them at home, this won’t compare to the fresh trim, styling, and special procedures that we’ll receive at a salon. This way our hair will become smooth and shiny for a long time. The most popular regenerating treatments include:

Steam sauna

A steam sauna treatment relies on using steam, as in the name of course. The hairdresser thoroughly washes your hair, then puts a special product on, in the form of a mask or oil. Before any procedure is started, though, the customer’s hair condition and their needs are taken into consideration, and only then specifically dedicated cosmetics can be applies. After the application is completed, the customer sits under a dome resembling a traditional salon hair dryer. The dome produces water vapor with a temperature of up to 40 degrees Celsius. Under the influence of heat and vaporising steam, the scales of the hair strands are deflected, and the special cosmetics that are applied immediately after, have bigger chance to penetrate deeply into the core structure of the hair. Following this, the hairdresser rinses the hair with cold water, thanks to which the scales close again. Once this is done, your hair will quickly become smooth and shiny, healthy and strong. Now you can’t deny – this is a hard one to replicate at home, even if you’ve got your own steam room!

Keratin hair straightening

It’s a very popular procedure nowadays, after which the hair not only looks healthier, but it is straightened. When it comes to keratin straightening, the technique is most desired by ladies who straighten their hair on a daily basis. As it is commonly known, normal heat straightening can be very damaging for your hair, so this procedure is a good, healthy alternative. Besides, everyday straightening is time-consuming and does not yield lasting effects, instead it slowly damages hair. In contrast, keratin straightening provides an immediate, positive effect. The hair is tamed and looks healthy and shiny. This type of professional hair treatment can be especially carried out on dyed and bleached hair strands, that do not need any more damage than they’ve already been exposed to (though try to avoid this treatment until couple of days after dying).

Botox for hair

Although the techniques used to perform this procedure do not actually contain botox, and their composition can’t exactly be branded as ‘surgical’ procedure, within the hairdressing environment such name was adopted because it yields unreal results. Getting ‘botox for hair’ means to thoroughly clean the scalp and hair with a shampoo, and then apply a special serum which does the job! It’s as simple as that. Interestingly, however, the serum is applied with a syringe, but the process is almost completely pain-free. The serum consists of molecules and elements that form the structure of our hair; a combination of amino acids bound with keratin. During the treatment, a special mask is also applied to the hair – the mask aims to close the scales of hair strands, that tend to flex when damaged, thus your hair turns smooth and shiny.

This procedure is a good solution for getting short and long-term effect on your hair, so without a doubt you’ll leave the salon satisfied, and you won’t have to come back for at least a couple more months (granted you take regular care of your hair).

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