Hair brushing – all the relevant tips

Hair brushing

Hair brushing – the proper way to do it

Hair brushing seems so straightforward doesn’t it – especially to girls or women who have been doing it for years. Just run a hair brush through your hair to get rid of all the knots and tangles and it’s over – job done. But if you think that’s all there is then you’re greatly mistaken. Our hair is very sensitive and usually needs to be treated with regular care and maintenance. This strictly applies to hair brushing, which needs to be executed with a gentle and careful hand. There’s actually a series of universal rules which need to be followed so that we can claim we’ve truly brushed our hair properly. And what are they?

First of all, choose your hair brush wisely. It’s like the wand system in Harry Potter – if you choose a perfect brush, it will serve you well for a long time. When browsing possible hair brush models, be sure to keep at the back of your mind what type of hair you’ve got and what texture its composed of. Generally, a paddle hair brush seems to be the best neutral choice for all hair types, although there are multiple choices out there which have specialised designs, in accordance to various hair types. All in all, its usually a subjective matter regarding the type you choose.

Furthermore, when brushing your hair, you need to be wary of wet hair. Wet hair is particularly fragile and prone to breakage. Therefore, you should never brush your hair when it’s wet or damp. If it’s a must, then use thick plastic prongs which can help you separate your hairs strands, allowing the brushing process to be carried out smoothly. It would be best to let your hair air dry and then progress with the brushing. Try to avoid hair dryers and similar hair tools at all cost.

Finally, it’s time to learn the proper hair brushing techniques

And although at first it may seem unnatural, try to stick with this method and develop it into your habit. Within weeks you’ll be able to notice all the difference. It’s really simple, just make sure you always brush your hair form the bottom and work your way up. Yes it’s controversial, but it works! This way you remove all the tangles and knots without the risk of harming your hair follicles. If you think about it, you’re not pulling your hair down, which strains the follicles every time. And if you think that this method will create more knots then you’re mistaken. If you hold your hair at the bottom and go over a bunch of strands with a specialised brush, they will deknott immediately. Once this is done give your hair a couple of strokes with the brush in the downwards, traditional style, and voila, that’s the whole secret!

Rigorous hair brushing – the risks involved

Hair brushing is kind of an art in itself. If you really start to admire its importance, then you can start improving the way your hair looks. But before switching to proper tools and techniques you should firstly know what improper hair brushing can actually do to your hair. If your hair is brushed in haste, with harsh strokes from hair roots to the bottom ends, and additionally its wet, you can risk to break your hair shafts and even pull out your hair follicles, which can lead to permanent damage. Hair thinning, receding hairlines and visible hair loss can all result from improper hair brushing techniques. Therefore, inspect and analyse your brushing habits now and try to adjust them so that your hair benefits from it. Trust us, with this method you’ll supply your hair with a boost of health and vigour, and you won’t need any additional artificial products and supplements. It’s all in the art of brushing!

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