How to make your hair grow effectively?

Grow your hair

First, consider your hair characteristics

You can characterise your hair according to its shape and size. In terms of size, hair can be fine, medium or coarse. However, with regards to shape they can be straight, wavy, curly or frizzy. We therefore tend to classify types of hair by observing their texture and shape. On the contrary, most people tend to classify hair according to their condition e.g. dry, normal or oily – and this misconception may lead to a lot of issues. Of course, you’ll be able to find cosmetics and other products dedicated to such hair – but choosing them is an oversimplification. Restricting your choices to ‘dry, oily or normal’ hair creates a huge problem, because you’re focusing on the condition of your hair, rather than the type of your hair. But why is this a problem? Well, mainly because if you purchase a product dedicated for oily hair, unless specified, the product may not be designed for your overall type of hair – which means you’ll get rid of issues such as oily hair for example, but you can easily create new complications. In other words you’ll be exposing your hair to chemicals that don’t align nor complement your hair type. So you need to keep in mind that knowing your hair type is the most important factor, and based on that make decisions regarding the purchase of cosmetics – only after take into consideration products that aid the condition of your hair.

Understanding our hair is therefore a complicated matter. It’s been scientifically proven that a lot of hair problems stem from improper selection of hair care products. So in order to keep your hair sleek and bouncy, and above all, healthy, you need to be familiar with the type and texture of your hair first, so you can then choose appropriate products and cosmetics. Such products should take into account your individual hair qualities and their characteristics. It’s the same when you get a haircut or a specific hairstyle – you tend to choose the ones most suitable for you and your hair e.g. short goes with frizzy type of hair. So to finally answer the main question, if you want your hair to grow, you should start with determining its basic qualities and then implementing appropriate procedures.

The primary steps to growing your hair

When deciding to grow your hair effectively, at first you need to start by determining the type and texture of your hair and then choosing appropriate cosmetics. Once this is done you should avoid all hair straining activities e.g. frequent cleansing, frequent brushing, brushing wet hair, constant artificial drying, and undergoing excessive amount of hair procedures. This is the key element to growing and keeping your hair healthy, as excessive procedures of any kind can make your hair weak and brittle. Basically, you need to remember that your hair needs to breathe, and needs to be natural, additionally supported by correct products – only then your hair will be surrounded by the perfect conditions and circumstances that allow and enhance hair growth. Once you follow these tips, you’ll be happy with the results, but remember that you need to sustain a regular pattern and have patience, as the results won’t be instantly evident after a couple of days!

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