Hair conditioning – why the practice is a must

Hair conditioning

Hair type and texture

In order to keep and enjoy sleek and bouncy hair, you need to remember about proper hair care and regular routine. But, before you even begin to choose cosmetics and start thinking of hair treatments, you should first and foremost identify your hair type and texture. In a nutshell, you can differentiate your hair according to two factors, size and shape. Hair in general can be: fine, medium, thick, straight, wavy or curly. Knowing at least this much can effectively help you in choosing proper cosmetic lines and appropriate hair procedures. After all, there is nothing worse than treating your hair with products that are not designed for them. Keep in mind that our contemporary market offers a very wide choice and selection of products. In addition, hair salons and studios offer multiple trusted products and hair treatments. Some are simple and others are highly advanced, the price of them all differs as well. Nevertheless, it’s very difficult to gain smooth and shiny hair just after one visit in the hair salon, or by applying a new product a single time. To enjoy a healthy head of hair, you need to keep the routine up and remember about frequent hair conditioning.

Hair conditioning

What exactly is hair conditioning and why it’s so important? Hair conditioning refers to the process of applying conditioners which are specifically dedicated for your hair. They improve your hair, nourish them and protect them against harmful factors e.g. weather or hair drying. Hair conditioning is particularly important nowadays, because our hair is constantly a subject to other products and procedures that are in essence harmful and disruptive. A good example is constant exposure to heat, whether it be through hair dryers, straighteners or general central heating. Some chosen cosmetics may also contain harmful substances that we aren’t even aware of. Paraffin for example, is present in numerous volumizing products, and the substance has been scientifically proven to be harmful for your hair’s structure. Finally, there are other external factors that may have negative impact on your hair e.g. perming or dying – without additional protection those may be destructive.

If you decide to start regular hair conditioning, you should choose your conditioners very carefully as well. You should expect two primary types of hair conditioners. There are the ones you apply right after shampooing, leaving it on to dry, and there are conditioners that should be rinsed off right after applying, during the process of hair washing. Other than that, all conditioners out there will differ in terms of their designated audience. In other words, each conditioner is dedicated to certain hair types or textures. If conditioners are very general and designed for all hair, then the use of such products will likely be less effective. Therefore it’s best to aim at those who have specific properties for your unique hair. Before you buy anything, be sure to do thorough research and purchase products that suit your needs perfectly, avoiding all the risks that may unfold in future.

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