Female hair thinning – alarming symptoms

Female hair thinning

Female hair thinning – worrying symptoms

The hair of any woman can be sensitive. It often requires dedicated treatments and regular care. However, in order to carry out this process correctly and effectively you need to know what type of hair you have, this means its texture, thickness etc. Only then you can apply the relevant treatment methods. Bear in mind that it is even better if you know precisely what hair actually is, what it’s made of and how its growth cycle manifests. There are plenty of internet-based articles regarding the components of a hair strand, therefore it would be useful to flick through them! All of this additional knowledge will certainly help you in your daily care, as you will be able to identify your hair and thus apply specific products and methods of care. At times, many women will start experiencing general problems with hair, for example it’s weakening. There are various causes for weakening hair and female hair thinning, though some of these causes can be easily diagnosed. Most of the time, incorrect care or frequent use of inaccurate products may be the main cause of the symptoms, thus as previously mentioned, it is good to firstly define your hair and then apply specific products. However, the thinning may also be connected with much more serious problems. So what symptoms should alarm us during the hair thinning process?

First of all, keep in mind that it’s normal to lose hair daily, and you should not worry excessively. Average adults have between 100-150,000 hair strands and tend to lose around 100 of them per day. If your hair loss is noticeable and significantly greater, as you begin to lose entire clumps of hair a day, then first try to change the hair products you are using i.e. the shampoos, conditioners and other stylistic products; perhaps try to upgrade them to higher quality. If after a while the problems continue, then it’s a good sign that you should dig deeper. If your hair continues to substantially thin, you are gradually developing a receding hairline, bald patches or you find voluminous quantities of hair on your pillow or in the shower, then it’s a good sign that you should consult an expert, as the cause could be far more serious.

Bear in mind that hair related issues do not always manifest themselves through loss or thinning, and you should also stay alert regarding your scalp. All kinds of skin inflammatory conditions, dandruff or dry patches can also point to much more serious problems.

Female hair thinning – possible reasons

Female thinning hair can be a symptom of many various problems. Firstly, alopecia (patched baldness, triggered by hair increasingly falling out. There are various types of alopecia, some of them are typically associated with females). Secondly, hair thinning due to thyroid disorders i.e. anemia or menopause. Thirdly, trichotillomania (compulsive pulling out of your hair due to psychological disorders). Fourthly, effects of chemotherapy. However these are the more serious reasoning behind the symptom, for some there are cures, for others there aren’t. Other signs of female hair thinning are only temporary, and as suggested above, likely caused by use of inaccurate products, and once tackled the hair naturally regrows. Nonetheless, this article shows that all issues, whether minor or major should be tackled quickly and with a lot of care and understanding. If you are facing one of above symptoms try to get in touch with specalists for example from Hair Solved

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