Hair loss – how to deal with this problem?

Hair loss – how to deal with

Hair loss is a problem which concerns not only men but also women.

Nowadays, we are able to reduce or even completely eliminate this uncomfortable issue. Sometimes we try to do it in our own right. In a bid to find a perfect solution, we flick through the Internet, reading a lot of articles for guidance and inspiration. But in spite of the fact that we are able to get any information we need, finding a product which would help prevent our hair falling out is an extremely difficult task. On the current web market there are a great number of various cosmetics which seem to be suitable for us, but we should not be fooled and believe that those well-known and very often expensive cosmetics are the remedy for our poor hair condition.  Instead of preventing hair loss; we actually waste our money and time. The worst thing is that by the time we find something proper, we end up losing a good amount of our hair. Hair loss depends on many factors. Keep in mind that a designated treatment should be adjusted to your body, your needs and your possibilities. The first solution that initially crossed your mind was probably taking the relevant vitamins. And you would be right, a diet without valuable nutrients is one of the most common reasons why we are struggling with hair loss and other malnourishment/health related issues.

Once we have been diagnosed by a specialist, what we actually need is to figure out the best solution for our specific issue.

So we better obey the doctor’s suggestions and follow their advice. If it turns out that we are indeed lacking vitamins then we should consult our doctor regarding the specific products we need to purchase. It is worth mentioning that there are some people who cannot stomach synthetic vitamins, e.g. capsules, others do not like taking vitamins at all due to other personal reasons. If that’s the case then we should get our nutrients in more natural way i.e. consume vitamin-rich food. However, it might be quite difficult to find time to do this every day and expensive at that.  Furthermore, the whole process is said to be complicated as there are many factors than can influence the food quality. So, if you are unable to supplement your organism with the necessary amount of vitamins, either through consuming tablets or appropriate food, then you should find another solution.

One of the most popular alternatives is hair transplantation.

This method includes relocating new follicles into balding areas. This method is said to be really effective as it brings very natural and positive results. It is recommended especially to those customers, who have thinning hair, or bald patches. To go along with this procedure it is important that the patients have the back of their head full of healthy hair, as those areas are usually the donor areas. So as a whole this technique is successful and satisfying but it’s a surgical procedure and also a very expensive one at that. Moreover, sometimes a surgery cannot be performed on particular types of hair, and each candidate should be a very good health condition in order for the transplant to be executed – so there are restrictions in terms of what’s allowed for this to be carried out.

Other alternatives can include non-surgical methods e.g. laser combing.

By emitting the laser beam onto a scalp, your blood flow and follicles are stimulated and thereby hair is influenced to grow. This stimulation is assisted by addition of adenosine triphostate, a molecule which carries energy from one cell to another, diffusing it all over the area. This process is similar to plant’s photosynthesis. Such combing is very effective, but highly-priced as well. But bear this in mind, no matter what method you prefer and end up eventually choosing, first check with your doctor the cause for your hair loss. Doing can save you time, pain, money and effort.

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